Construction injuries are an unfortunate and prevalent by product of work in this dangerous profession. Construction workers take significant risks by going to work every day. Many of these injuries are avoidable and can be prevented through the proper exercise of caution on the part of the employer. By following proper OSHA standards, employers can greatly minimize their legal liability that they may face in the event that their workers sustain an injury on the job. Below are some of the most common injuries suffered by construction workers on the job.


The most common cause of construction worker death is falls, and this is the third most prevalent type of nonfatal injury. Falls cause nearly a quarter of all construction injuries. This is unfortunately predictable because fall protection is the top area in which construction employers violate OSHA regulations. In addition to fall protection, employers also commonly fail to comply with scaffolding and ladder safety requirements which leads to more falls. Within the category, falls to lower levels was the most common type of fall.

Contact with Objects

Struck-by injuries are all-too-common on the job and are one of the most frequent injuries suffered by construction workers. This injury occurs when an object or piece of equipment makes forcible contact with the person of the worker. The object could be flying, falling, swinging or rolling. 17 percent of construction worker fatalities are caused by contact with objects, and nearly one third of nonfatal injuries result from this.


Electrocution occurs when a person is exposed to a fatal amount of energy. If the exposure is insufficient to cause death, the construction worker can suffer burns or shock. Exposure to energy is more likely than not to be fatal as nine percent of the construction deaths resulted from electrocution as compared to only one percent of the nonfatal injuries.

Repetitive Motion

Construction workers are often asked to perform the same task repeatedly which, in many instances, is unhealthy and dangerous. Repetitive motion injuries are one of the more common injuries, and they include strains, sprains and damage to muscles and joints. Although these injuries tend to be nonfatal, they have lasting consequences that could remain with a construction worker for life.


This injury results when a construction worker’s body is compressed by or caught in between an object. This also extends to being trapped under or crushed by a collapsing object. This type of injury is a risk to life and limb. These injuries are preventable and often result from negligence of the employer. Unfortunately, injuries and fatalities from this type of injury are on the rise recently.

Fires and Explosions

Construction work often relies upon flammable materials. Alternatively, the presence of exposed wires is also a fire risk both on the construction site and through contact with power lines. Explosions could also result from chemical reactions or pressurized containers. There are approximately 5,000 fires each year on construction sites which cause both death and injury.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a construction accident, you deserve a strong and tireless advocate for your legal rights. The best thing to do is retain a law firm to vigorously represent your interests.