Timeshares: Are You Caught In A Scam?

Timeshares are still with us and are as popular today as they were several decades ago. Indeed, a timeshare provides many people with a guaranteed holiday in the sun every year, which they may not be able to do without being part of a timeshare. However, the bad news is that timeshare scams are still going on today. The difference […]

Are Timeshare Properties Really Worth The Investment?

If you have a favourite holiday spot you love to visit every time you get time, having your own home there would add to your experience. You wouldn’t have to bother about the availability or the deals on your hotel stay, as you already have your own home over there!

Why You Should Take Help Of A Solicitor To Purchase A Property?

Although thousands of home sales and purchases occur every week, not many sellers or buyers will know the intricacies of what their solicitor does during the conveyancing process. The prominent reason a solicitor is required when you are buying a property is all about ensuring that all sorts of legal requirements are met, though they are also there in the […]