Although thousands of home sales and purchases occur every week, not many sellers or buyers will know the intricacies of what their solicitor does during the conveyancing process. The prominent reason a solicitor is required when you are buying a property is all about ensuring that all sorts of legal requirements are met, though they are also there in the form of a prominent person to cater, help and navigate through the process.

Conducting The Searchers

Talking about tasks the property solicitors Essex will also be performing is all about conducting the searches. These searches can truly reveal significant information which could sway your decision in purchasing the property for example issues following the noisy neighbours, any rights someone probably holds over the land or any planning issues affecting the property.

Generally, search documents are lengthy and quite technical in their wording and that is why it is required to be deciphered by a person who will understand the terms. It can truly be particularly significant when dealing with an older property where rights over the land probably are hidden in old hand-written deeds.

Raise Potential Issues

If any issues occur, your solicitor will truly be able to advise you of the potential outcomes of what further questions should be asked or actions are taken. While buying a property, it is generally the biggest asset you would ever own, so you are required to make sure you are not caught out following potentially expensive issues to rectify.

If a solicitor does not succeed to raise potential issues or does not adhere to any undertakings, it is regarded as professional misconduct which comes in the form of penalties. Once all sorts of legal issues are dealt with and both sides remain happy, there would be the exchange of contracts making the sale legally binding. It’s time to make an ideal decision indeed.

Following All Instructor

Your property solicitors Essex will liaise following the other parties to confirm a date in the context of completion. It is when the money regarding the purchase will require to be transferred; mortgage monies get as well as money regarding any formalities might not be paid. As only solicitors can truly perform specific tasks which are needed to legally transfer ownership of a property, you must instruct a solicitor when you are purchasing and selling property.


Therefore, it is quite important to make sure that you need to go with a solicitor so that you could make property-related decisions in an ideal manner. It is quite important to go ahead with the ideal decisions indeed.