It depends, as with everything in life, and whether you can successfully claim compensation for your work accident is down to the circumstances and details of the incident. You will have to prove the fault of your employer or of a third party in order to win a claim against them.

Health and Safety
If you work in a hazardous environment, and you are expected to follow safety procedures and maybe wear special equipment and you failed to do so, your work accident compensation claim might be invalidated. If however, you feel you can prove your employer was negligent in some way, and even better, if you have a witness or two, then you may have a claim.

The Accident Advice Helpline Work Compensation Process
We have a 30-second work compensation claim calculator which will tell you, in general terms, whether you qualify to make a claim. This is basically that it was not your fault and that you required medical treatment and you are making the claim within three years. It may be that we have to go through the circumstances in some detail to establish, because you’ve been injured in the workplace, exactly who was responsible.

Is there any other supporting data I can use to decide who is responsible for my being injured in the workplace?Yes. If the accident had to be reported to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the accident report may well establish where the fault lay.

How can The Accident Advice Helpline help me?
We are one of Britain’s best established work injury compensation claim companies, and we have helped thousands of no-fault accident victims win the compensation they need to help them recover and restore their lives. If you think you have a case, then contact us today. If you’d like to speak someone, call the Accident Advice Helpline 24/7 helpline on 0800 689 0500.