What Is The Duration Of Getting A Law Degree?

What Is The Duration Of Getting A Law Degree?

Getting a law degree is not an easy feat. You have to put in lot of hard work to complete your degree. The duration taken to become a law degree in India can be anywhere between three to five years, depending upon the type of degree you have chosen. It may take more if you want to do your post graduation too.

The most common law degree course is BA LLB, which is an undergraduate course. The time taken for a student to complete this course is five years. This is the same in all law universities of India. Once you complete this course, you can start working as a lawyer.

Another law degree is LLB, which can be done after completing a graduate degree in any field. You will have to give an entrance exam if you want to join this course. The duration of this course is three years, after which you will receive a degree certifying you as a lawyer.

In case of LLM, which is a post graduation degree, you will have to study for two years to complete this course. Apart from these main courses, law academy in Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, etc., offer diploma courses in various specialized areas of law. These diploma courses last from six months to one year.

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