Firm fined over work fall

There is no doubt that safety standards among UK companies have improved dramatically over the years.  However, accidents do still happen and the consequences can be devastating for those involved. It is no surprise then that individuals who are harmed while performing their roles sometimes take forward work accident compensation claims.

What Is The Duration Of Getting A Law Degree?

Getting a law degree is not an easy feat. You have to put in lot of hard work to complete your degree. The duration taken to become a law degree in India can be anywhere between three to five years, depending upon the type of degree you have chosen. It may take more if you want to do your post graduation […]

Personal Injury Claims – What Compensation Can You Expect to Get?

Personal injury law protects persons from any type of injuries and accidents, toxicant exposure and poisoning, defective product and different legal problems. Personal injury law ensures that the rights of the staff are Protected and that they receive due compensation, benefits, wages, different job advantages and many others. The private injury laws are designed to produce protection to the individual […]