A parliamentary report concerning whiplash injury claims has been welcomed by leading figures from the world of law. The Commons transport select committee has concluded that insurers must “immediately get their house in order and end practices that encourage fraud and exaggeration”. Law Society chief executive Desmond Hudson said the committee had reached the ‘inescapable conclusion’ that current practice by insurance companies encourages fraudulent or exaggerated claims. He said:

“It’s time that insurance companies stopped blaming everyone else, be it government, lawyers or their own customers, and instead concentrated on getting their own house in order. This is a well-considered report, with strong recommendations. Every whiplash claim, like any other claim, should be properly considered. Most are genuine; whiplash can cause life-changing injuries and accident victims deserve proper compensation. Those claims which are fraudulent or exaggerated need to be weeded out, and a change in the working practices of insurers would help achieve that, as would greater transparency in sharing data.

“The committee is right to cast doubt on proposals to increase the small-claims limit. We would support further research about the impact of such a change and possible unforeseen consequences – for instance the growth of claims management companies. These can be complex cases. Insurers will employ expert advice and opinions. Claimants should have the freedom to choose their own independent solicitor to help make their case.”

Car accidents are a traumatic event in any person’s life, and it is not right that insurance companies are seeking to shirk their responsibilities when it comes to paying out for whiplash injuries. Fortunately, anyone who has suffered from whiplash is entitled to search for online solicitors that will be able to advise them how to best proceed in their case. Law is a very tricky subject to negotiate so it is important to find professional legal backing from a firm of reputable legal solicitors.

Unfortunately, many whiplash victims fail to get the necessary treatment after their initial A&E diagnosis. A lawyer from one prominent law firm has warned that if whiplash isn’t treated properly to begin with it can quickly become a chronic condition who said:

“If you’re working for a busy company and things are tight, they need all hands to the pump and physiotherapy can involve a lot of time off. If you do not get whiplash treated properly early on, six to eight weeks later you could have serious problems. The longer you leave it, the more likely it is to become chronic.”

The difficulty is that many people simply cannot afford to take the time off that they need in order to get the treatment that they need. What is more, many people are forced to pay for private treatment which is not available on the NHS. This is why it’s so important that genuine whiplash claims are treated properly. An initial free consultation with a lawyer will help many people understand what their chances of compensation success are. In the meantime, bogus claims should be clamped down on.

Author bio: Julie Catermole is a UK freelance writer specialising in personal injury writing. She has written for various websites including Dutton Gregory.

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