In the UK, the standard of care is very good and most people get the treatment they need. However, occasionally things go wrong. When that happens, you need to contact a medical negligence solicitor. Here are the main issues medical negligence solicitors can help you with.

Dental negligence

If you have been treated by a dentist that has not done their job properly you may have a valid claim. Issues that can be claimed for include the extraction or filling of the wrong tooth, wrong diagnosis, bad advice or poor dental treatment.


Occasionally doctors and consultants misdiagnose conditions. When this happens, you may have a case. Whether you do or not depends on the facts of your case.

Cosmetic surgery claims

One of the most common medical negligence claims is for botched cosmetic surgery. It does not matter why you had the surgery or who carried it out if the results are poor you may have a valid claim. If you suffer injury because of mistakes during your care or contract an infection, you may also have a claim.

Delays in diagnosis or treatment

One of the most common medical negligence claims is delays in diagnosis or treatment. If treatment targets are missed or delays have lead to your health being damaged or your illness becomes more serious because of the delay you could make a claim.

When and who to seek advice from

When it comes to medical negligence, it is important to get advice at an early stage. Litigation takes time. In addition, seeking advice early tells you quickly if you have a case and allows you to gather evidence as you go along.

Try to use a local solicitor. If you are ill, the last thing you need is to travel long distances to see your solicitor. If you are looking for medical negligence solicitors Merseysidethen you should consider Kirkwans. They have decades of experience of dealing with these claims.