What You Need To Know About Benefit Fraud Investigations

Thanks to the on-going economic downturn and effects of the credit crunch, the government is cracking down hard on benefit fraud cases and tripling the resource that it puts into pursuing such cases. This means that increasing numbers of claimants are finding themselves to be the subject of potential fraud investigations. It is true to say that this can be […]

What’s All the Fuss About Personal Injury Claims?

Turn on the television, walk down the high street, listen to the radio; it seems that there is no escape from the number of companies encouraging people to get in touch about accidents or injuries that they have suffered in the last three years. But why is there this seeming explosion of personal injury touts and is this sign of […]

What You Need To Know About Medical Negligence Solicitor?

In the UK, the standard of care is very good and most people get the treatment they need. However, occasionally things go wrong. When that happens, you need to contact a medical negligence solicitor. Here are the main issues medical negligence solicitors can help you with.