Child abuse charges are serious. If you have been falsely accused, you will need an aggressive and experienced lawyer to fight for you. There are cases where there are underlying motives to child abuse accusations. The right criminal defense attorney will work hard to expose the truth and get any false charges dropped.

What is Child Abuse in Arizona?

Child abuse in Arizona is defined as intentional infliction or physical harm that leads to injury caused from criminal neglect actions, unlawful imprisonment, sexual abuse or assault.

Many times, a criminal charge comes from emotional abuse, serious physical injury or death. If convicted of child abuse, you could face felony charges, prison time, fines and damage to your reputation.

Respect Your Co-parent

Be civilized and respectful towards your co-parent in front of your children, as seeing the two people they are dependent on arguing and abusing each other will scare them. It will also make them stop depending on their parents and become self-reliant. This will negatively affect them in the long haul because they might not share the burdens and problem they are facing in life with their parents later on.

Do not Vent to your children

Children see their parents as perfect being who can never be wrong so complaining and venting to your child about his parent and telling him about all the misdoings of their father or mother is certainly to scar them. Do not discuss adult and legal matters with your children and let them continue to be children. They do not need to act like adults and understand you. Save the complaining and backstabbing for your friends and other family members.

The Inevitable Change

A divorce means the change in the family structure. For the children, the absence of one parentcan be heartbreaking while they constantly fight for the attention of the other parent, who is invariably busy. Try to give your children all the care and attention you can amidst the burdening circumstances. Make your child understand that everything in life keeps changing and that they need to adjust themselves according to that change. Endeavour to make routines so that your child can find stability in his dailylife.

False Accusations

It actually isn’t that uncommon for false child abuse accusations to take place. High conflict custody battles can sometimes provoke these false accusations. If you have been falsely accused of child abuse, you want to meet with a Scottsdale child abuse lawyer for advice and legal representation.

When meeting with a lawyer, always provide as much information and evidence as possible. Your lawyer and their team will conduct a thorough investigation and gather any evidence that will help your case. You can help your legal team out by always complying with them and law enforcement. Remember, always be honest and open during all examinations. Working with your lawyer by being honest will only help your case. It is also helpful to and obtain character witnesses on your behalf like family, coworkers and friends so they can provide statements to help prove that the child abuse accusations are out of character and false. The right lawyer will build a strong case to get the false child abuse accusations dropped.