Apparently the Duke is taking the normal two weeks which most Dads are entitled to. Employers are duty bound to make all of their employees aware of their maternity/paternity leave and pay policies and ensure employees are comfortable discussing these.

Knowing your rights

The survey conducted by OnePoll showed a definite lack of clarity between employers and employees when it comes to maternity rights. If women aren’t sure what their maternity rights are and feel uncomfortable about asking then both parties need to find a better way to make maternity policy more transparent and communicated well.

It is important that you not only make yourself aware of your rights but also understand that you have a responsibility to your employer too. Ensure you are aware of all the details of what you are entitled to in terms of time off work and paid entitlements. In an ideal world this information would be available openly at work and you would feel comfortable asking the right person for more details. You should also ensure that you let your employer know the relevant dates and when you think you will be starting your maternity leave.

Employer responsibilities

Whether you are a woman preparing for maternity leave or a man thinking about paternity leave, it is important to know your rights. Returning from maternity leave is not always as straightforward as it could be and some women do run into difficulties and sometimes need legal representation. This is also a crucial time to be aware of your employee rights.