Simple Ways To Choose A Personal Injury Solicitor

Simple Ways To Choose A Personal Injury Solicitor

If you’ve had an accident that wasn’t your fault and you want to claim compensation, it can be a stressful period. You may have significant injuries and have to take time off work, so it’s important that you choose the right solicitor that will allow the process to run as smoothly as possible.

So what should you be considering when researching personal injury solicitors?

It’s vital to take your time when selecting a solicitor and not just opt for the first advert you see. Working with a solicitor who fits with your personal circumstances could mean they achieve a better outcome for you.

Free Consultation

Many solicitors will offer a free initial consultation for personal injury cases. This is important as it will help them to get a better idea about your case and whether they think it will be successful. You can also use this time to discuss how the case will proceed and if there is any further information they need from you. This consultation should be provided with no obligation to instruct the company and they shouldn’t put any pressure on you.

Specialist Solicitor

Any qualified solicitor can represent you, but it’s best to choose one who’s a specialist in personal injury cases. They’ll have an in-depth knowledge of the sector and will be aware of any changes to the law. Personal injury covers a broad spectrum of cases, so it would be useful to have a solicitor who’s experienced in your particular area, such as road accidents or work place incidents.

Local Solicitor

There are a growing number of internet-based solicitors who can help you with a personal injury claim. However, meeting with a solicitor face to face is a much more beneficial approach. It can speed up the process if you’re able to just call to ask a question or visit them if something needs signing. You’re more likely to get a personal service from a local firm, as you’ll communicate with a dedicated solicitor who will have an understanding of your case rather than a call centre. Using a local solicitor will also make it more convenient if they need to arrange medical appointments.

No win, No fee

The majority of personal injury cases are taken on through a no-win, no-fee arrangement, so you need to check that your solicitor can provide this. With this type of claim, if you lose your case the solicitor won’t charge any fees. If your claim is successful, the solicitor will be paid as a percentage of the compensation, up to a maximum of 25%.


The final point to remember when choosing a solicitor is that you need to feel comfortable with them. You should be able to ask any questions you have, without feeling as if you’re wasting their time. They should also treat you as a valued client and respond quickly to any messages that you leave.

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