Being hit with a motoring offence is always a very upsetting situation to find yourself in, be it breaking the speed limit, careless driving or maybe something more serious such as drink driving or driving under the influence of drugs. As much as we don’t want to end up in a situation such as these, sometimes mistakes do happen, and can you potentially find yourself being faced with a penalty fee, loss of license or in the worst-case scenario, prison time.

Act fast
Even if a traffic offence is only a minor incident, it is still important to deal with the situation as fast as possible, for example, in the case of a fine being left unpaid it can quite quickly compound to an extremely large sum of money. Follow these simple steps to ensure you are properly protected.

  1. Gather your insurance documentation.
  2. Gather any evidence or information you may have regarding the incident.
  3. Contact a professional.

Seeking professional guidance
Once you have gathered all necessary information and evidence regarding your offence it is important to get legal representation, in the case of road offences, it’s always best to seek out a lawyer in Perth who specialises in the field.

Perth lawyers who specialise in traffic offences can be found across the city, though when finding the best one for you, there are a few things you should remember.

  • Do they specialise in traffic offences?
  • Do they have a proven track record of previous cases?
  • Will they approach your case with an open mind?
  • Do they use discretion?

Explaining your case
The effects of a traffic offense can be quite severe, be it not only financially, but the reality of losing a driving license can be quite detrimental to an individual’s life, for these reasons it is extremely important to explain your case to lawyers with complete transparency, only then will they be able to represent you properly. Ensure you submit the following to your lawyers;

  • All information relating to the traffic offence
  • All evidence relating to the traffic offence, including physical or forensic evidence
  • All your insurance documentation

What your lawyer will do
If you respond fast enough to the traffic offence notice, your lawyer will be more readily prepared to deal with the situation, they will be able to analyse the evidence and prepare a proper defence on your behalf. Depending on the traffic offence, most situations can be dealt with in a quick amount of time, in other cases (relating to death or serious injury) things are a longer and more complicated process.

Stay calm
The most important thing of all is that you stay calm and understand your Perth lawyers will deal with yourtraffic offence in the most professional and discrete way possible. No one wants to find themselves in these situations, but you always have a defence, so stay calm and gather all the appropriate information for your legal team.