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Woman admits causing serious road accident

Woman admits causing serious road accident

When people are the victim of accidents on the highway that were not their fault, they can seek road accident compensation. Of course, any money they secure cannot undo the harm they have suffered, but it can help them to cover any loss of earnings or medical bills that they have incurred as a result. Also, it can bring people a sense of closure, helping them to move on with their lives.

Two youngsters who know just how distressing road accidents can be are Jack and Sophie Handyside. In September last year, the pair were on their way to a swimming session with their father, Darren, when the car they were in collided with a Rover 400, the Journal reports. This second vehicle was being driven by 79-year-old Margaret Lowery, who recently admitted to dangerous driving.

Her car careered onto the wrong side of the highway and smashed into the oncoming vehicle.

The crash triggered one of the largest rescue operations in Air Ambulance history, with three helicopters deployed to the A688 near Raby Castle in County Durham. Medics had to remove two sections of Jack’s skull in order to ease pressure on his swelling brain and the 11-year-old subsequently spent 15 weeks in hospital. Jack and his sister spent a combined total of more than four months in intensive care.

Sophie, who is now nine years old, suffered a fractured skull and broken wrist. Meanwhile, both siblings had short-term memory loss and it is not known how their injuries will improve in future.

During a hearing at Durham Crown Court, Ms Lowery entered a guilty plea to a charge of dangerous driving.

Commenting on the incident, the children’s mother Julie Elstob said: “When the accident happened it was just a nightmare. It’s impossible to describe how you feel in that situation where your two young children are just laying helpless in intensive care. To have them fighting back is just such a relief and the driver taking some responsibility is the next step in our battle for justice. It is disappointing it has taken this long for the defendant to plead guilty as the crash seemed to be clearly her fault.”

Commenting on what the future holds for her children, she went on to state: “They have both done so well and are incredibly brave, but we still have a long way to go.”

Meanwhile, in a message to motorists, she added: “I hope all drivers take note of our situation and realise that there are massive consequences of car accidents.”

The family are now seeking traffic accident compensation and their injury lawyer noted that if they succeed in their efforts, they will use the money to secure a rehabilitation package. He added that the crash was “devastating” for the children.

Anyone who is keen to make a car accident claim should take care to find a skilled and experienced legal representative. This will help to boost their chances of securing a favourable outcome and it can also make the process smoother.

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