In simple terms, a wrongful death claim is a legal proceeding that can be brought on behalf of family members who have lost someone to an accident. In America, this kind of claim goes through the civil courts. It is the family that has to bring the case to court because common law does not allow for a dead person to make such a claim. It is possible for families to bring a criminal case, but because it is easier and faster to do so through the civil courts, most opt for this option.

Getting the right help to file a wrongful death claim

If a family wants to bring a wrongful death claim, they really need to find a good lawyer with the right experience. It is always best to look for a firm that has previous experience of dealing with and winning such cases. It is a good idea to visit the lawyer with a friend or relative. A second pair of ears will make sure you do not miss or misunderstand anything.

You have to bear in mind that each state has slightly different laws when it comes to wrongful death cases. Therefore, it is important to use a lawyer that has experience of bringing cases to court in that particular state. One of the biggest differences is the statutes of limitation, which vary greatly from state to state and even from case to case.