Football Injury Compensation Uncovered: Your Rights and Entitlements

Football Injury Compensation Uncovered: Your Rights and Entitlements

Football is the most intensely followed and played sport in the United Kingdom. This is not surprising perhaps as England was the birthplace of football. The English Premier League is the most watched and most expensive professional football league in the world.

Unfortunately, away from the glitz and glamour of the professional leagues, accidents are very common. Sunday and evening leagues across the country bring together people of all shapes, sizes and ability levels on pitches that are often poorly maintained. Without proper supervision and adequate health and safety standards, accidents can and do happen frequently.

What are my rights when playing amateur football?

Sports injury claims fall into a slightly different category than ordinary personal injury claims because some risk of injury is part and parcel of physical sporting activity. When we play amateur football we all know that we are engaging in a contact sport in which we might be injured. We only consent to the narrow risks created by the games rules and we can rest assured that a legal duty rests on the party responsible for the game or club to make all reasonable and responsible efforts to ensure that the game is safe.

Therefore it is our right, when playing a game of football, not to be exposed to risks which are outside of the ‘ordinary risks’ defined by the rules of the game. We have a right not to be dangerously tackled or fouled, for instance. You will be entitled to bring sports injury claims for almost any injury sustained as a result of a foul or dangerous conduct because you did not consent to those kinds of risks. In fact, such conduct is also criminally illegal because it is an application of physical force to another person without lawful excuse, although the civil avenue of bringing sports injury claims is more common.

What are your entitlements resulting from injury on the football pitch?

In simple terms, if you have been injured by unlawful conduct on the part of another player or negligence on the part of the sports organisers, then you are entitled to bring sports injury claims and seek compensation for your injuries. You have not consented to the risk of injuries caused by another’s negligence. It is much less likely that you can bring a claim if you injury resulted from the ordinary course of the sport, for instance, if you are a healthy adult whose knee inexplicably gives way during play.

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