The Most Common Types Of Brain Injuries From Car Accidents

The Most Common Types Of Brain Injuries From Car Accidents

The brain is a vital body organ since it controls how people feel, think, and move. Therefore, any kind of damage to it is life-threatening if not life-changing. It will not only negatively affect the present but also the future.

There are brain injuries from car accidents that do not cause much damage, and there are some that are serious. It all depends on the degree, the type, and the seriousness of the injury. If the injury affected yourwork or other aspects of your everyday life, you can seek legal help to get a legitimate claim for the damages at Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum.

Brain injuries from vehicular accidents are in traumatic brain injury category since injuries in this group are caused by forces externally applied to the head.

Traumatic Brain Injury

If a person has a traumatic brain injury, it can either be closed or open. If it is open, a skull fracture occurs. Because an external force is the cause, these accidents arise due to personal injuries such as slipping, falling, or getting into a vehicular accident, abuse, or workplace accident. Read along to learn more about the different traumatic brain injuries.

  1. Concussion

This is the type of brain injury people usually have. It occurs from trauma from incidents such as getting punched, shot, or kicked, falling, or having whiplash. Loss of consciousness usually happens with a concussion. However, losing consciousness is not directly connected with this type of brain injury. There are instances wherein dizziness, fogginess of the mind, and confusion may occur instead.

If direct traumatic injury to the brain occurred, you should go to a doctor as soon as possible since it can cause permanent damage to the brain.

  1. Contusion

A contusion is similar with a concussion as direct trauma to the brain is also the culprit for it. For contusion, there is bleeding in a certain part of the brain. A doctor might need an operation because blood clots that formed must be removed. If not, it can cause death. In addition, a contusion can also happen at a different area beside the site of the impact. One kind of contusion called coup-contrecoup contusion happens when the impact is very strong that the brain bumps opposite to the skull. Thus, a second contusion can likely happen.

  1. Penetration Injury

When sharp objects penetrated the skull and brain, a person has a penetration injury. Lost tissue from the skull can tear, shear, or rupture the accessory tissue of the brain. Therefore, it can be deadly or debilitating.

  1. Diffuse Axonal Injury

A diffuse axonal injury happens due to serious shaking or forces which are rotational. From this, there are tears in the brain due to the skull shearing the brain’s edges. Furthermore, there is a disruption in the neuro-chemical process in the brain, so a person may end up being in a coma, having permanent brain damage, or worse, dying.

Final Thoughts

You should always check if you have serious brain injuries due to an accident. During an accident, you should seek medical care first and process all the necessary documents to file a case against the suspect.

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