How To Claim Compensation For Delayed Flights?

How To Claim Compensation For Delayed Flights?

When a flight is suspended or canceled, the passengers get compensation. This compensation could be money or different services including a room and food. If you have a delayed flight, you can claim compensation. Most of the airline companies provide its passengers the compensation itself. Different companies have different rules and regulations, and the compensation is given according to those rules. It is a hard and fast rule that you will get immediate compensation for your delayed or canceled flight. Sometimes, you have to talk to the airline company for the compensation. As the compensation is usually in the form of services, the passengers get them without any request. However, if you are not receiving the compensation, you can request it. The compensation becomes necessary when you have a canceled flight. The reason is it can be hundreds of pounds which will allow you to have another flight. Here is how you can claim compensation for delayed flights.

Contacting the airline agent

If your flight is delayed or suspended, you can get the compensation by talking to an agent. The airline agents are available in almost every airline company. They provide necessary information to the passengers about the flights and their arrivals and departures. You can get any type of information from them. On the other hand, if your flight was delayed or canceled and you are having problems getting the compensation, you can contact an agent. Simply talk to an agent and tell him about the problem. Don’t forget to explain the delayed flights including the time of flight and delayed time. The best way to do is keeping your receipts in a safe place. No matter your flight is delayed or not, always keep the receipts of your flight at a safe place. These receipts will be the proof of your delayed flights. The agent will then talk to the airlines and will help you to get your compensation. It takes a few times but doesn’t worry about it. You will get some services in the mean time. Hence you will get your compensation without any problem.

Writing a claim letter

Another way to get delayed flight compensation is writing a claim letter. A claim letter is written when your flight is delayed or canceled, and you want to get compensation for your flight. A claim letter for delayed flight contains every information about the flight and the passenger. So if you want to get your compensation, write a letter and include all the below information in it.

  • Your name, email address and phone number
  • The date of the travel
  • Flight name and number
  • Any reference regarding your booking
  • Information about the delay including the time and the distance
  • Staff information including their names and the reason for delay they told you
  • Copies of receipts and tickets

Include all the information in the letter and attach the copies of receipts with the letter. Now submit it to the airline company and wait for the completion process. Soon, you will get your compensation by the airline.

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