Going Through The Divorce Process

Going Through The Divorce Process

There are a number of times that you may need to reach out to a lawyer to assist you with various legal-related tasks, including a divorce. While no one wants to deal with this process, it does occur. In some cases, you might go through a very easy divorce in which you and your ex remain friendly and agree on most things. In other instances, your divorce case may be much more difficult. Fortunately, a good family lawyer will be able to help you through either type of divorce while protecting your interests.

Going Through The Divorce Process


Before you and your spouse enter the courtroom, you may want to go through the mediation process. In this process, you, your spouse, your legal representatives, and a mediator will sit down and discuss what you both would like from the divorce. If it’s an amicable split, this may be all that’s required. The two of you will come to an agreement that will be presented to the court. The mediator will assist in negotiations if there’s a conflict.

Mediation isn’t always successful, which is why you need a lawyer there. In the event you do go to court, you will want your lawyer to have witnessed the mediation proceedings. This will help prepare him or her for your court case and can provide useful insight into your spouse.

Court Paperwork

There’s a lot of legal paperwork involved in a divorce, and it’s important that you understand everything that you’re signing. Your family lawyer will prepare all of the paperwork that you need to submit and will be there every step of the way to answer any questions you have. This is why you want to work with the best family lawyer in Adelaide. You should never have any questions about any document you’re asked to sign. If something is unclear, your lawyer should provide as much information as you want until you’re comfortable signing the document.


Of course, your family lawyer will be right there with you in court, speaking on your behalf and presenting any evidence you have. He or she will serve as your advocate, working to reach a solution that provides you with what you are seeking in the divorce.

One major point of contention in these proceedings is the division of property. If you and your spouse own a good amount of property or have complex property ownership, that may be the main focal point of your divorce negotiations. Having an experienced divorce attorney on your side is a must for these situations. This is especially true if your goal is to receive the larger share of these properties.

Another issue that may take priority at your divorce hearing is the custody of your children. This is definitely another area where you will want to work with a lawyer, especially if you are afraid your spouse will receive full custody. Your legal representation will do everything possible to allow you to get to spend time with your children and to make your overall divorce go as smoothly as possible.

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